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1/8th Scale Dirt Late Model Decals
Part Numbers for 1/8th  Decals

PN-1018    8x10 Carbon Fiber Vinyl  $8.00
PN-1024    Chevy MC DLM              $16.00
PN-1025    Dodge Charger DLM       $16.00
PN-1026    Ford Taurus DLM Sheet  $16.00
PN-1027    Toyota Camry DLM        $16.00
PN-1028    Caddie CTS DLM           $16.00
PN-1029    Pontiac GTO DLM (Coming)
PN-1030    1/8th Detail Sheet           $8.50

Check Back often for new items for 1/8th Scale Racers
Here is the starting line up for our 1/8th Scale Decals. These will fit perfectly on most 1/8th bodies. each sheet does one complete body. Printed on high quality adhesive backed vinyl. Sheet has Head Lights, Grille, Ducts and all sponsor decals. Just cut them out and stick them on.
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